Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day One in Ethiopia

This is Andrea blogging for right now. Pete has arrived in Ethiopia, and just sent me a message that said, "At our first orphanage now, kids are beautiful!" 
Oh, my heart! Right now the team is at the Promising Orphanage in Addis. 

Tomorrow they will be getting up early and heading 6 hours north of Addis to Kombolcha. It is a VERY needy area, with at least 400 children in dire need of food and care. 

Also, Tom Davis, who is leading the trip for Hopechest, has a camera crew with him as they are doing a lot of filming while there. He is going to be putting up daily film as well as pictures and updates. You can see a brief snapshot of where Pete is staying in his video clip this morning at Tom's blog 

Will you pray right now? 
  • For the rest and recovery for the team as they sleep tonight. After traveling for almost 24 hours, they jumped right into their first orphanage today (happily), so they will be looking forward to falling into bed tonight, I'm sure. 
  • For the children they are loving on right now. Will you pray for the hearts of the orphan-that they will not be afraid, but that they will accept the team's love, be filled with hope, and see that they are worth something, and that someone does care. That their bodies are filled with warmth and protection as they get hugs and kisses today from mommies and daddies who were sent to care for them today. That they may have a glimpse of what unconditional, unwaivering, true love is. That they see and feel the love of God through this team. 
More to come.....


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