Friday, December 11, 2009

A Walk On The Lighter Side

Admittedly my past several posts have been a little 'heavy' at times - which is easy to do when you're in the environment we were in. So I wanted to take the time to share with you just a few of the lighter moments of the trip, of which there were many. Because for each an every heartbreaking experience there seemed to be an offsetting amount of levity and laughter - I don't know if that was intended to keep us sane or what, but ultimately we all had an absolute blast on this trip. Here are a couple of clips that will round out the intensity of our Children's HopeChest ( Vision Trip:

This video was taken from within our bus, moments after we struck and killed a small cow (originally reported to be a goat). Now my PETA brothers and sisters may think us heartless, but I'm sorry, this was hilarious and provided a much needed reprieve from the heart breaking scene we experienced at the Kumbolcha Care Point facility:

This next video was shot as we were crossing over a treacherous mountain pass in the fog and mud of an unpaved road. The video doesn't really do justice to the minimal margin for error we had between safety and disaster. We may have been laughing in this video but trust me, it was scary...

This next video was shot in the middle of a tunnel (Ethiopians call this it a cave which is probably a better description), no lights, no pavement and potholes the size of boulders.

Finally the next video was part of an air guitar/drum session we had with the kids at Hope For The Hopeless. Chris Tomlin's 'God Of Our City' song proved to be a lead track on our trip soundtrack. Check out the looks on the kids faces - they were so into this impromptu jam session. Also, take note of the scars on the head of the boy holding the music player - we are left to wonder about the cause.


Karen December 13, 2009 at 6:32 PM  

Loved the videos, Pete. Great fun to re-live some of those moments I will never forget! Karen Wistrom

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