Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This blog update is coming from my phone while lying under a mosquito net deep in the heart of Ethiopia so please excuse the brevity.

Today was spectacular, comical, heartbreaking, treacherous, educational and humbling all mixed together - a cocktail of emotions, of which words alone can not describe, which left a bitter sweet taste in my mouth and left me wanting more.

The ride to Kombolche was simply crazy - 11 hrs vs 6 with no 'traffic' to speak of - other than the constant threat of a collision with a goat, cow, camel or human (more on that at another time). The 'roads' at times were ridiculous and treacherous but the scenery at all times was absolutely spectacular. We reached as high as 10K feet and the expansive mountainous views were panoramic at times. cont

Blog cont...

We finally got to visit with the kids (120 of them) most of whom appear to be double orphans (mom and dad dead) but you never know and it really doesn,t matter when you are with them face to face - they are dirt poor and they are struggling to survive. They are not at fault - but they are paying the price...

I have much to say about these children but little time here. So let me use a few words to describe them - beautiful, loving, polite (unless toys are being given out - then they can get crazed!), survivors, hopeful, hungry and very dusty 

One beautiful little girl, Irache, told me her name and her brothers' and sisters' names four times (at different times) in broken English. She wanted so badly to impress me - she did. Looking forward to seeing her and the rest of the kids tomorrow...

Good night

We're going back tomorrow for a few hours 


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