Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adoption: Loud & Proud!

During the past 15 months as an adoptive father, I've been in countless social situations (grocery stores, ball games, birthday parties etc.) with my little girl (Gigi) and have noticed a strange pattern in our culture. People (this includes anyone from friends & family to the average Joe on the street) have a bizarre tendency to talk about adoption as if it's some sort of solemn secret - in fact the volume of their voice will noticeably decrease when they say the words 'adopted', 'adoption' etc. It's like you can be talking to the loudest guy in the room and the conversation will go a little something like this:

Loud Guy: "Wow that little girl's beautiful, where's she from?"
Me: "Thanks. She's from Ethiopia."
Loud Guy: "Ethiopia, oh wow awesome! Is she adopted? "
Me: "Excuse me I couldn't hear you, what did you say? No she's not adopted, she's ADOPTED!"

Don't get me wrong I'm not judging Loud Guy - we've all made a mistake of this type in one-way shape or form with other people who are 'different' than us. My point is that we (as adoptive parents, relatives and/or friends) must break this crazy cycle and interrupt the old cultural pattern. If not, what kind of message are we sending to our adopted children? What kind of message are we sending to others and ourselves? Do you think our children notice these subtleties? You better believe they do!

Simply put, adoption is one of the most beautiful expressions of love that God ever created. It deserves to be celebrated, honored, published and shouted! So say it loud, say it proud!

- Pete


Anonymous,  November 6, 2009 at 9:20 AM  

So funny and true, from what I've observed. I'm sure you've probably seen it, but some of my friends were talking about seeing a shirt that read, "Superman was adopted." :-)

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